Sunday, October 22, 2006

TPD Podcast EP: 009
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This week was the Wirefly X-Prize competitions, rife of excitement to say the least. At the time of this publication, the results of the Tether Competition were largely disqualified, with no one picking up the $200k prize. More info on that can be found here courtesy of New Scientist magazine.

For this week, we covrered:

Special: Lunar Lust or Just Lunar Dust?

New analysis from Arecibo Observatory shows that frozen lunar deposits of water, which were a key instrument in the formation of a base on our nearest celestial neighbor may be a pipe-dream.

More on the moon's water problem can be found from Sciencenow and

Andrew's thought experiment for this week details how life from another world cannot possibly look similar to something we may find here on Earth.


Sunday, October 15, 2006

TPD Podcast EP: 008
Andrew and I have been running into server troubles this past week and our shows have not been getting the chance to be uploaded. However, we are still doing the shows. Never fear the two or three of you who download our podcast!
This week we covered:
  • Planet Icy/Hot - Scientists using NASA's Spitzer space telescope have uncovered a world poet Robert Frost would love.
    • More info on NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope mission here
  • Freeing the Media- Andrew and I dicsuss how Google is revolutionizing information accessibility
    • The official Google press release can be found here

Special: ID Round 2

A view of the DNA molecule. The subject of a huge controversy in politics, evolution and intelligent design once again butt heads in public schools. More information on Intelligent Design can be found the Discovery Institute and more information about the evolution controvery can be found at Talk Origins.

The press release regarding Michigan governor DeVos' remarks can be found here

For this week's Thought Experiment, Andrew details chaos theory.