Wednesday, January 24, 2007

TPD Podcast Ep: 014
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    1. Dr. Dino Live!...from prison…

i. Kent Hovind gets the can

    1. Self-Centered Astronomy

i. How to prove the Earth doesn’t move

High resolution image of Mizar. Galileo would've killed for this amount of detail

How parallax works

TPD Podcast Ep: 013
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Amidst delays and internet troubles (series of tubes clogged?!), here are the latest two shows. If you're subscribed to us via iTunes, you would have received this one right on time, but #14 had some errors we needed to buffer out.

    1. Heavy Metal Astronomy

i. Andromeda 5 times bigger than suspected previously?

b. Mapping the Invisible

i. Dark Matter gets some light shed on it

Sunday, January 14, 2007

TPD Podcrap!

Andrew and I just finished up our newest show, ready to save and everything, when the recording got ruined at the last possible second. I'm busy trying to find a way to recover the file, but hopes are dim. Links to our science stories that we covered can be found in the following, but if we CAN get the show back up and running, we'll post it here.

Update: Andrew and I will attempt to re-record the show (with moderate to little enthusiasm, based off the bad vibes we have going at the moment) tomorrow.