Wednesday, December 06, 2006

TPD Podcast EP: 012
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We did a little something different this week. We hosted a live skypecast at a time of day that attracts bucketloads of Bulgarian insomniacs (Yes, I know you are Bulgaria, and no, I don't have work for you). So while the whole session lasted for a full hour, we only have forty-five minutes worth of actual listening material.

That being said, what we did get was super-duper-fantastically joygasmic (I never exaggerate), and went over so well that we've decided to only torture ourselves like this once a month. So, near the beginning of next month, look for a link either here or on our myspace profile to join in our next live skypecast session! We love to hear our listeners' opinions, and I love to crush souls in front of people I'll never see!

The topic this month was a discussion of the creation of the universe, where I flexed my ego by detailing gravitational potential energy storage and its capability to cancel out the total energy of the universe. The ensuing discussion began with a burst of wonderful intellectual stimulation, but was then crushed by rhetorical statements and mundane conversation.

Also, I'm not judgemental in any way, and any and all statements I make are with the best of intentions.


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