Sunday, February 11, 2007

TPD Podcast Ep: 016
Episodes 16 AND 15 below:
#16, #15

So some new updates. First of all, we're changing the show up a bit to help suit a growing listener base. We've decided to scrap the news segment, given that so many other science podcasts cover news stories. Yawwwn. What makes TPD unique is Andrew's Thought Experiment. For the future, we'll be continuing that part of the show and pretty much nothing else. This will:

a) save you time out of your busy schedule to get some fun science into your life


b) save bandwidth!

We also may have a new, already pod-famous person on our show.

If you're curious and MUST KNOW how to solve our last week brain teaser, you can read up how to fold paper in half 12 times here

Carl's Cosmos

That's the image I was referring to in the quote from Pale Blue Dot


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