Monday, August 21, 2006

TPD Podcast EP: 0

We just finished the recoding for our first episode! Although a bit rough and hurried, I think it fits well for a pilot episode: everything is kind of new, the hosts are sweating and shaking in front of the mic, etc.

For this week, we covered:
  1. Defining a planet - The IAU meeting in Prauge this week to discuss Pluto's position in our solar system.
  2. Stellar birthday parties - NASA's Spitzer space telescope uncovers thousands of accretion discs around stars in the Orion Complex
  3. Avian observation - UK reports show that only 9/26 endangered species are either bouncing back or remaining stable.
The thought experiment for the week entails a second time dimension. Just what would happen if the world had more than one dimension of time? We address the issue (or more accuratley, Andrew addresses the issue).

We have no guest for this week, so we also detail who we are and why a podcast, of all things holy?



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Lucretius said...

Hey hey, this is Robert. Just listened to the first "trial" episode. Kind of sounds like when I did my first episode, a little uncoordinated with noticeable "uh" and "err"s. No worries though. Scott's told me that you have the "true" pilot episode to come out today, so I will have to listen. Hope to see those issues ironed out (they do so when you record a few more episodes.)

Well, I'm off to listen to Kent Hovind's "Science Hour" to ask him a question…

Glad to see you guys started your podcasting.