Wednesday, September 13, 2006

TPD Podcast EP: 001
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So the pilot episode went well in terms of getting the way we record (which, i may say is a tad inefficient at this point, but oh well) down, but the editing process is still a bit flawed. Some parts were left in, others cut out where they shouldn't have been. Reminder for all the podcasters out there: never try to edit an hour long program at 11:00pm (PST) the day you have work tomorrow.

For this week, we covered:
  1. Alternative fuels - We talk about how ethanol from corn is a fallacy and that ethanol from a type of grass is more efficient.
  2. Pluto rebellion - It seems as though people in the IAU and abroad are not taking the recent demoding of Pluto quietly. Outrage over a vote hijack and who else joined the new club.
  3. Ethical stem cells - New methods of producing stem cells help to get around the political and ethical dellimas associated with them.
Special: Dark Matter

This week, we analyze a new paper put forth by Douglas Clowe that details the new way of proving that dark matter is real and here to stay.

The image taken from the Chandra X-Ray Observatory shows two areas of dark matter (blue) independant of the matter in the colliding clusters (red).

Andrew's thought experiment for this week overviews the fabric of spacetime. Just what is it?


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