Wednesday, September 13, 2006

TPD Podcast EP: 002
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Our editing skills are still a bit rusty, what with the obvious error at the end where the next brain teaser and answer were cut out. This one, I felt, was leaps and bounds better than 001, since we've now had a little bit of practice. Podcasting is a lot tougher than I had first thought it would be.

For this week, we covered:
  1. Microscopic computing - Can bacteria-driven motors influence computing? How does this differ and relate to quantum computing?
  2. In memory - Steve Irwin, a noted conservationist, dies from a stingray attack off the Australian coast. We talk about his mission of conservation and how we should be spreading his word.
Special: Lunar Origins

The Smart-1 spacecraft put up by the European Space Agency (ESA) crashes into the Moon. Astronomers in Hawaii analyze the spectra to give us new hints about how our cosmic neighbor was formed.

The picture shows where Smart-1 impacted the Moon 3, Sep, '06.

This week, we poke your mind with relative motion. We all know that everything is relative to something else, but what happens if you try to remain motionless to everything in the universe?


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