Friday, September 29, 2006

TPD Podcast EP: 007
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This week's show is run a little bit different than usual. First of all, Andrew and I are both in the same room here at my office in Bellingham. Due to time constraints and his having to catch the bus back to Seattle, we were unable to cover in-depth some of the news, but we have the links in case you carave more knowledge, which we hope you do.

For this week, we covered:

  • Armchair Astronomy: The science of star-searching has gone one step further - your home PC. I interview Dr. Gregory Laughlin about the future of computing and astronomy.
    Special: Come on Down!

    The 2006 Nobel Prizes for Physics, Chemistry and Physiology were awarded this past week. We detail the physics prize in-depth, but not before alerting you to the just-as-awesome research done in the other two science fields.

    For more information, see: Physics, Chemistry and Medicine

    For this week's thought experiment, Andrew talks about how human beings should think of themselves more as a species as opposed to discrete groups.



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