Friday, September 22, 2006

TPD Podcast EP: 003
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For this week, we covered:
  1. Sim Earth - Recent test simulations show that massive, close-orbiting gas giant planets can actually provide a save haven for Earth-like waterworlds.
  2. Quantum Entanglement - The rise of new computing methods could hail the new era of quantum computers.
Special: EM-Theory
New developments in space propulsion technology could change the way the world runs, or rather, hovers.

Pictured above is the funnel-type propulsion technique used for EMdrive. A basic overview on the propulsion technology goes along the lines of converting solar thermal radiation into microwaves, then shooting them down this funnel, causing a force.

You can read more about EMdrive here

While I thought he went out of the realm of coherency, Andrew's Thought Experiment this week deals with predicting randomness.


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